MusLim speLLing bee

u.s.a, U.K & india

World's First Muslim SpeIIing Bee Competition 

india startup fest 

India's First National Startup Festival for aII Indians irrespective of their background. 

TMA Worldwide is the pioneer in creating specialized events such as competitions, startup events, e-commerce sites. We have created brands just from simpIe ideas with our philosophy of "Revolutionary IdeasForGrowth". Our Brands are no # 1 and unique in their category, hence advertisers, sponsors and vendors can benefit with one 2 one marketing with their target audience. Our Brands have a viral effect, they are share by the target audience with their family and friends. 

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World's First Gender Equal Startup Festival & Competition for children.

World's First AffordabIe Matrimonial website 

Revolutionary  Ideas  For Growth